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BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.8 update: release date and everything is here

BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.8 update: release date and everything is here

BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.8 update: release date and everything is here: BGMI and PUBG Mobile are 2 one of the most famous battle royale games in India furthermore as everywhere the globe. As players are enjoying the exclusive BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.7 update, players also are excited to see out all the leaks and updates related with BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.8 version.

Currently, players are enjoying the M5 Royale Pass cycle of BGMI and once the M5 ends, the M6 cycle can seem presently. The M6 cycle is regular to unleash on 19th Dec 2021. As M6 Royale Pass can endways 20th Jan 2022, the official 1.8 version of BGMI and PUBG Mobile can unleash on 21st Jan 2022.

Players are going to be ready to get their hands on the new Royale Pass and alternative things from that terribly day. The Royale Passes are going to be obtainable at the side of the premium paid version. Players would even be ready to see some exciting new options that are mentioned below.

How to download PUBG Mobile/BGMI Beta Version 1.8 APK on Android

  • After you get the app, head over to the PUBG Mobile app and go over to the Events section and click on the Beta Test Assignation.
  • The app will also deflect you to a website where you’ll be suitable to induce a unique law that will grant you access to the beta waiters.
  • When you log in to the beta interpretation of the game you’ll get a pop-up box where you’ll be asked for the law. Bury the law that was generated.
  • After you have completed this step, you’ll get free access to the beta waiters and will be suitable to play the update beforehand albeit in a guest account. It’ll not regard for any progress in your main account.

BGMI Beta Version 1.8 download link and installation process

follow the process to download the APK OBB beta

In this beta, no assignation law or binding law is demanded so that gamers can pierce it directly. Below is the download link for both of the lines

  • BGMI1.8 beta interpretation direct download link (APK OBB)
  • PUBG Mobile1.8 beta interpretation update direct download link (APK train)
  • It’s recommended that druggies have enough space on their smartphones before downloading these lines, which are 680 MB in size.

PUBG MOBILE / BGMI Beta Version 1.8 Update, Features

here is the all upcoming Pubg and BGMI Beta Version 1.8 Update all new features so you can check out below.

  • revive by swimming in water
  • 8vs8 Mode
  • Aftermath Mode – Unranked Classic Map
  • Adversary Damage Indicator
  • Special Spiderman Loot jalopy
  • Spiderman Mode
  • Mountain Bike
  • C4 Explosive
  • Vikendi2.0
  • New Sniper Gun
  • Dirt Bike
  • Emergency Pickup
  • Sanhok3.0

Features and leaks of BGMI/ PUBG Mobile 1.8 version:

1) New Winter mode Theme and Lobby

As per latest leaks and rumors, there’ll be a spanking new Winter mode and Winter lobby wherever players are going to be ready to play on Wind castles and may conjointly surf within the snow. There could also be a selected Winter themed event mode within the classic battle royale maps.

2) Changes in UI

There could also be many changes within the UI improvement furthermore. Players may see changes within the visual image, animation, and icon style within the forthcoming 1.8 update.

3) Stricter anti-cheat update

A better and safer anti-cheat update are going to be optimized within the game within the next update. The devs have already worked onerous on the previous patch to ban hackers and hopefully, they’re going to improve a lot of to strengthen the safety system of the sport.

4) Vikendi 2.0

 Vikendi 2.0 is one in every of the foremost arguable options that players expect to release in the new update. Vikendi 2.0 are going to be the new version of the classic Vikendi map with multiple enhancements created on its style, texture, and structure of the map

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