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Call of Duty Mobile: Season 1 2022 Full Patch Notes Details

Call of Duty Mobile: Season 1 2022 Full Patch Notes Details

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 2022 is here and also the developers have finally free the patch notes so the diversion community will see what new content and fixes have gone live. The mobile game is one among the simplest around at the instant and this new season can evolve the game as we all know it. The franchise is massively triple-crown and expectations were terribly high for this new season.

Many are waiting a short while to visualize the patch notes, and with this being a brand new season, there’s heaps to divulge to the Call of Duty community. These patch notes have disclosed that for the players of the game, a treat is on the way including maps, weapons, game modes and a lot of things.

All the patch notes are disclosed by the Call of Duty Mobile News account.

Multiplayer Season 1:

New Maps

  • Hacienda
  • Chinese Nuketown

New Tactical Grenade

  • Storm Ball

New Game Modes

  • Heist- Strategize together with your teammates to unfolded, notice gold coins within the vault, and get combat gear to defeat the enemy team
  • Payout Search and Destroy- Payout Search are enclosed in hierarchical  Multiplayer for a restricted time.
  • Red Envelope Kill Confirmed- 10v10 battle in Red Envelope Kill Confirmed

Map Update

  • Tunisia: Updated the fanlight within the cellar, permitting players to throw varied props through the fanlight.

Other Updates

  • Added a feature wherever attachments stay equipped once substitution styles.
  • Optimized the standard of the MVP kill cam.
  • more a zoom operate to the map show once specifying AN orbiting optical device line.
  • Reduced screen freezes and frame drops once victimiझation MQ-27 Dragonfire and Hawk X3.
  • Balanced the quantity of weapon expertise gained and account progression in multiplayer.
  • Adjusted the acceleration of the M13 to match the weapon running speed.

Battle Royale Season 1

Feature Update

  • Voluntarily discarding attachments prevents players from exploit attachments of an equivalent sort or of any rank for thirty seconds.
  • Reduced the prospect of obtaining unsuccessfully practised by players once the network setting is poor.
  • Expanded show of advanced attachments for spectators.
  • Optimized settingal sound effects once the player is in a very wild environment.
  • Updated text prompt once players exit Battle Royale

Gameplay changes

  • Sniper Challenge Mode Adjustment- All piece weapons except the MW11 can now not seem within the mod.
  • Updated recommendations for custom sharpshooter rifles and equipment.
  • If you are doing not have a precision rifle in your backpack, a custom precision rifle suggested by the designer are displayed.

New options

  • Warfare mode supports spectator mode.
  • Map improvement
  • Adjusted the structure of the Blackout map to optimize overall gameplay and performance.
  • Added snow and ice areas to Blackout.

New weapons Season 1

  • Kilo 141
  1. One of the totally automatic assault rifles with longer optics to reinforce the headshot result.
  2. Moderate harm output, average rate of fireside, and a convertible drum magazine.
  • PPSh-41
  1. This is a low-precision machine gun that uses a large-capacity drum magazine.
  2. Charge the enemy with the advantage of non-aimed fire!

New weapon examination

  1. Exclusive weapon examination has been more to some legendary weapons.
  2. Optimization of combat performance
  • Muzzle Smoke result
  1. Added differing types of muzzle hearth smoke effects, every muzzle attachment has its own smoke result.
  2. Added muzzle chilling smoke result, and muzzle chilling smoke seems once over ten consecutive shots.
  • Weapon performance update
  1. Improved weapon handling.
  2. Tweaked the bomb throwing behavior model.
  3. Improved photorealistic web site effects.
  4. Optimized gun shake performance once moving non-aimed hearth and aiming hearth.

Clan Wars Season 1

Clan Wars Update

  1. Adjustment of individual contribution rules- so as to extend the weekly tribe credit reward issue and acquire character fragment rewards, you need to kind a team with a member in a very node competition.
  2. Relaxation of entry restrictions
  3. Players WHO square measure unaccustomed the tribe may participate within the competition for that week.
  4. Clans with fewer active players than the matching demand may be a part of, however are subtracted supported a decrease in node score.
  5. Recruit a lot of tribe members to stop your tribe from being penalised.
  6. Balance Adjustment


  • QXR
  1. Stage three vary harm increase 22-19-16-12 — 22-19-18-12
  2. Increased initial vary vary 8m — 10m
  • AMR
  1. Tactical reload time four seconds — three.4 seconds
  2. Empty magazine reload time five seconds — four.1 seconds
  • PP19
  1. First vary harm twenty six — twenty eight
  2. Headshot harm magnitude relation one.2 — 1.3
  3. Chest harm multiplier factor one — one.15
  • DR-H
  1. Increased home in the primary section 7m — 9m
  2. Increased home in the second section 13m — 15m
  3. Tactical reload time two.3 seconds — two.1 seconds
  4. Empty magazine reload time two.8 seconds — two.5 seconds
  • D13 Sector
  1. Number of shots three — four
  2. Ammo one – two

Score Streak

If you cancel the score streak that you just have to be compelled to deploy by pressing the minimap, you’ll have to be compelled to wait a particular quantity of your time to use the streak bonus once more.

  • Reduced cooling time once heating of XS1 Goliath.
  • Enhanced Hawk X3’s aiming support.
  • Operator Skills
  • Increased the Purifier’s rate of fireside, direct hit harm and initial variety of bullets.

Ranked Match Updates

When a solo player faces a 4-person queue entered as a team, further Rank Points square measure attained, and a lot of data may be found in hierarchical  Rewards.

New season reset rules for prime 5000 players are adjusted, a lot of details may be found within the hierarchical  Lobby.

  • Starting this season, the rarity of the highest 5000 players’ line cards has been adjusted to Legendary.
  • Mismatched composition of pre-formed groups throughout matchmaking has been lessened.
  • The likelihood of matching with different groups with the quantity of players is greatly reduced.
  • The matchmaking scope at the start of the season are distended to accommodate the shortage of top-ranked players.
  • Solo players square measure matched with players of comparable or lower ranks.
  • Team Deathmatch/Forefront Rank Bonuses square measure a lot of littered with relative individual performance than match results.

Other System Updates

  1. Battle royale medication settings

You can shut down the suggested medication setting for Battle Royale H.P. things, that is enabled by default to stop item replacement in user crosscut keys.

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