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Free Fire: How to get Golden Roar Bundle in Moco Store Event?

Free Fire: How to get Golden Roar Bundle in Moco Store Event?

Players in Garena Free Fire are ready to participate in one more luck-based event. within the luck royale, the creators have determined to feature the new Moco Store. Players can have the chance to win unimaginable bundles like the Golden Roar Bundle and alternative prizes as a part of the event. In-game, the event is already afoot. allow us to learn additional regarding the event and the way to get the Bundle.  The event is live now and will end on 15th January, 2022.

Garena, is customary, throws during a few luck-based events each currently so. within the luck royale, Garena more the Moco Store, wherever players will get a spread of goodies. The event is currently afoot in-game and can run through January 15th, 2022. In essence, players should select 2 sets of rewards so spin to win.

How to get Golden Roar Bundle?

There are 2 parts within the meanwhile. One is that the Grand Prize, whereas the opposite is that the Bonus Prize. every player should select one item from every phase. they need to then click make sure, which is able to take them to a brand new page. They must currently spin for rewards by defrayment nine gems. As a result, every spin can value 9 diamonds.

Garena never ceases to amaze fans with new updates and events. there have been many various events and awards approaching Free Fire at the beginning of 2022. Basically, Luck Royale is one among the foremost terrific sections in Free Fire for obtaining various rewards.

There were many rewards obtainable to get during this Moco Store, as well as a Free Fire Golden Roar Bundle, Mechanical Toxipion Bundle, Vermilion windstorm Bundle, Gun Skins, and plenty of rewards.

Grand Prizes from Moco Store Event:

  1. Mechanical Toxipion Bundle
  2. Vermilion Whirlwind Bundle
  3. AK – Flaming Red Gun Skin
  4. AN94 – Carnival Carnage Gun Skin
  5. SCAR – Mystic Seeker Gun Skin

Bonus Rewards from Moco Store:

  1. AC80 Golden Roar Gun Skin
  2. Shake With Me Emote
  3. Name Change Card
  4. Wukong Character
  5. Shiba Pet
  6. Golden Fist Backpack Skin

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