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VALORANT episode 4 ACT 1: Check out everything you need to know here

VALORANT EPISODE 4 ACT 1: Check out everything you need to know

VALORANT EPISODE 4 ACT 1: Check out everything you need to know here: VALORANT EPISODE 3, Act 3 is coming back to an in depth, communication the launch of future major update, that could be a whole new chapter for the computer hero shooter: Episode 4, Act 1. This new batch of content can feature a recent battlepass with things to earn, beside in-game updates and a replacement playable Agent. however once are you able to begin enjoying Episode 4, Act 1? What comes with the most recent battlepass? Here’s everything you wish to understand.


Episode 4, Act 1 is launched on Jan 11, 2022 at around 5 p.m. Eastern. Counting on your region, the update may not be accessible till Jan 12th 2022. you’ll expect comprehensive patch notes to be free on Jan 11th at around 9 a.m.

What are the VALORANT EPISODE 4, ACT 1 BATTLEPASS details?

A new battlepass with a slew of rewards are adscititious aboard the new Episode 4, Act 1 update. it’ll last 10 weeks and can last till March 22nd, 2022, with lots of goodies to earn on the approach. As always, the premium battlepass can price 1,000 VP and can provide players the power to earn all the things accessible for this act. Below are the things you’ll anticipate to within the premium battlepass:



  1. Bucky
  2. Frenzy
  3. Guardian
  4. Judge


  1. Odin
  2. Sheriff
  3. Stinger
  4. Vandal


  1. Bulldog
  2. Karambit
  3. Phantom
  4. Shorty
  5. Spectre


  1. Big Brain
  2. Big ol’ Barrel
  3. Bunny Tactics
  4. Chicken Out
  5. Eco the Bulldog
  6. Episode Four, Act One
  7. Epilogue Eco the Dog
  8. Hydrodip
  9. Together Forever
  10. Velocity


  1. Be Mine Jett
  2. Be Mine Phoenix
  3. Be Mine Sova
  4. Bind Schema
  5. Distracted Dualist
  6. Epilogue PlayZilla Rubber Ducky
  7. Hydrodip
  8. Operation Fracture
  9. PlayZilla Rubber Ducky
  10. Unstoppable Sage
  11. Valentine’s Tactics
  12. Velocity


  1. A Prime Valentine’s Gift
  2. Agent Down
  3. Bad Hair Day
  4. Head Slapper
  5. Hydrodip
  6. Jett-bot
  7. Lost Connection
  8. Missed a Spot
  9. Nice One
  10. Potato Aim
  11. Quack!!
  12. Shoot Here
  13. Sweetest Match
  14. Use Ult
  15. What’s that

Even if you don’t buy the premium battlepass for 1,000 VP, you’ll still gain access to the following items for free:

  1. Velocity Shorty (plus variants)
  2. Operation: Fracture Player Card
  3. Valentine’s Tactics Player Card
  4. Chicken Out Gun Buddy
  5. Lost Connection Spray

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